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About us
We really love our work. Our clients are the main source of motivation for us. We always consider everyone's individual needs and provide the care we would want for ourselves.

The combination of best practices and progressive treatment methods, continuous education and self-development is the pillar of our approach. Treatment planning using intraoral, panoramic X-ray and CBCT, treatment under a microscope, using the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies currently on the market is a matter of course for us. We take even the most complicated cases as a challenge, not as a problem. The professionalism of our team, a pleasant and friendly environment and comfort during the procedures will convince you that you can look forward to going to the dentist.

Start your journey to a healthy and beautiful smile with us, we will do everything for your maximum satisfaction.
Why MediClever Dentistry?
Roman Mikhalov
The leading dentist
Preventive dentistry
Restorative dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry
Prosthetic dentistry
Price list
Initial examination
covered by health insurance
RVG and OPG images
covered by health insurance
CBCT examination
1,600 CZK
Dental hygiene
1,600 CZK
Teeth whitening
5,100 CZK
Photocomposite filling
2,000 - 3,000 CZK
Endodontic treatment (1 canal)
from 2,600 CZK
Reendodontic treatment (1 canal)
from 3,900 CZK
Ceramic crown/onlay/overlay
8,900 CZK
Aesthetic ceramic veneer
10,000 CZK
Insertion of the implant - Megagen
15,500 CZK
Implant crown
15,100 CZK
Insertion of the implant - Straumann
26,000 CZK
The listed prices are indicative. Your attending dentist will provide you with detailed information on prices.
You can use the BENEFITY card with us (BENEFITY plastic card or NAŠE STRAVENKA chip card). More information at and
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Office hours*
*By appointment, treatment outside office hours is possible
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